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This page provides pricing for all Keene Community Power products, as well as Eversource Basic Service supply rates. 

The exclusive electricity supplier for Keene Community Power is Direct Energy.

The Program has four different products (see below) to let you find the right balance of cost and renewable energy. You can compare monthly costs using our calculator here.

Program Prices

  • Apply to service beginning and ending on the days of the month that your meter is read.
  • Include a fee of $0.001 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the City’s aggregation consultant. Any applicable taxes will be added to your bill by Eversource.
  • Are available to any new residential or commercial customer.

Local Green (default)

(for automatic enrollment)
Price Term June 2023 to December 2025
Total Renewables
2023 33.4% = 23.4% to meet RPS + 10% NH Class voluntary
2024 34.3% = 24.3% to meet RPS + 10% NH Class voluntary
2025 35.2% = 25.2% to meet RPS + 10% NH Class voluntary

The standard product is designed to provide a balance between cost savings and support for more renewable energy. To start, the Program will add an additional 10% more renewable energy into the electricity mix. That means an additional 10% of a customer’s electricity consumption will be sourced from renewable generation.

In 2023, a customer would have 33% of their electricity come from renewable sources.

Renewable energy for all program options will be certified by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), the accepted legal instrument used to track renewable energy generation and to substantiate claims of renewable energy use.

keene 50

KEENE 50% LOCAL GREEN 12.050 ¢/kWh
Price Term June 2023 - December 2025
Total Renewables
2023 50% = 23.4% to meet RPS + 26.6% NH Class voluntary
2024 50% = 24.3% to meet RPS + 25.7% NH Class voluntary
2025 50% = 25.2% to meet RPS + 24.8% NH Class voluntary

Keene 100

KEENE 100% LOCAL GREEN 13.900 ¢/kWh
Price Term June 2023 - December 2025
Total Renewables
2023 100% = 23.4% to meet RPS + 76.6% NH Class voluntary
2024 100% = 24.3% to meet RPS + 75.7% NH Class voluntary
2025 100% = 25.2% to meet RPS + 74.8% NH Class voluntary

Keene Basic

KEENE BASIC 11.100 ¢/kWh
Price Term June 2023 - December 2025
Total Renewables in
2023 23.4% = 23.4% to meet RPS
2024 24.3% = 24.3% to meet RPS
2025 25.2% = 25.2% to meet RPS

Eversource Basic

EVERSOURCE BASIC SERVICE 20.221 ¢/kWh - Residential
Price Term February - July 2023
Total Renewables
2023 23.4% = 23.4% to meet RES
2024 24.3% = 24.3% to meet RES
2025 25.2% = 25.2% to meet RES

Switching Options: You may switch between program options at any time.

Renewal: At the end of the pricing term, you will be automatically renewed in your current product which may have a new price and a different percentage of voluntary renewable energy as negotiated by the City. The City will announce price changes at least 30 days before any such price change takes effect. Product details will always be available at this website.

Leaving the Program: You may leave the Program at any time without penalty.

Re-joining the Program: If you leave the Program, you may re-join at any time, however, the supplier may offer you a price that reflects market conditions at the time. The supplier will ask you to confirm any such price before you are enrolled.

Renewable Energy

  • New Hampshire requires all electricity supply products to include a minimum amount of renewable energy, known as the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). 
  • Generation sources that qualify for the RPS are known as NH New, must have been built after 1997, and be located within, or delivered to, New England (two percent may come from sources built prior to 1997, called NH Existing). 
  • All Keene Community Power products meet the minimum RPS; some products contain voluntary renewable energy that exceed the RPS.
  • Keene Community Power sources all voluntary renewable energy above the RPS from sources that qualify as NH New, come from solar, wind, anaerobic digestion, and low-impact hydro, and that are located only within New England. Learn more about the sources of Keene’s voluntary renewable energy here.

Why these options?

The Program aims to move the entire community towards 100% renewable electricity by 2030, as outlined in the Keene Sustainable Energy Plan. Knowing that the majority of participants in community power programs will typically remain in the default product, Keene set out to craft its default to pursue our clean energy goals, while respecting the diverse economic abilities of our residents and businesses. We expect the default product to stay competitive with utility supply, while increasing renewable content, by taking advantage of technological advances and pricing signals that increasingly favor renewables over conventional supply options. The optional products provide immediate renewable energy choices for customers, and contribute to the overall impact of the Program for renewable content.

To understand how to best achieve this, the City of Keene surveyed the community on their interest in, and willingness to pay, for additional renewable energy. As shown below, over 90% of all respondents indicated a desire for extra renewables. Respondents were almost equally split in their willingness to pay more for renewables. These trends also held across income levels.

Ultimately, Keene designed its default product to offer some additional renewable energy while maintaining competitive rates. This balance was supported by the strong interest in both renewable energy and cost parity demonstrated in survey responses.

Survey results also showed strong support for offering options for individuals who are willing to go far above the existing state standards for renewable energy, as well as an option for those who seek the lowest electricity rate, with the potential for maximum savings.

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